The problem of dump in Armenia

11 Apr 2018

The problem of dump in Armenia

In Armenia the problem of dump is still up-to-date. It can be said that all the dumps are uncontrolled in Armenia. Most garbage dumps are ignited, causing serious problems (air pollution). At present, alarms from the different regions of Armenia are regularly heard about the poor condition of dumps. So, after one of such alarm, the experts of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan, Shahen Khachatryan and the representative of the organization Naire Sahakyan were in Abovyan city.

There is a huge amount of garbage in the Saralanj side of Abovyan city, which sometimes is burning, spreading smoke and unpleasant odor to neighboring areas. Particularly, the garbage burning is very dangerous in summer which can be uncontrolled and make damage to the environment.

Coming closer to the dump, we witnessed a terrible scene: stink, dump, a large number of rodents and birds. In the territory of Elar village we recorded a huge garbage dump in the natural gorge, which was adjacent to dwelling houses. There was a gas filling station adjacent to the dump. As the local residents told us there were more than 3 such a huge dump in Abovyan city. 

Recording the current situation, Civil Voice NGO is going to apply to the relevant authorities to solve the problems. 

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