12 Mar 2019

Surprise visit

On 8th of March the volunteers of Civil Voice NGO visited Mrs. Anahit. For many years Mrs. Anahit participated in the campaign “Thank You Armenian Soldier” organized by Civil Voice NGO. She knitted warm woolen stockings for the soldiers, which our volunteers gave to the soldiers serving in the border areas. 

06 Mar 2019

Meeting at Ministry of Nature Protection of RA

On 5th of March in the hall of MNP of RA the discussion of draft laws package with all stakeholders was held. The themes were on the draft law on “Amending and Making Addendum to the RA Tax Code” and “Additions to the RA Law on “Trade and Services””.

The expert of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan, the representatives of different NGOs and a large number of businessmen were present at the meeting.

During the meeting the businessmen presented their concerns and problems concerning the draft law.

The discussion took place in a heated atmosphere, but the focus of the discussion was the social and economic issues of businessmen, which, according to our expert, should be discussed in another platform. Unfortunately, the environmentalists were not given the opportunity to express their views, suggestions and opinions on this issue. 

05 Mar 2019

About the nature of Tavush region

Tavush is a province of Armenia. It is located at the northeast of Armenia and bordered by Georgia from the north and Azerbaijan from the east. It is domestically bordered by the Gegharkunik Province from the south, Kotayk Province from the southwest and Lori Province from west. The capital and largest city of the province is the town of Ijevan. The province is a major source of water in Armenia. The main source is Aghstev river with its tributaries Getik, Voskepar and Sarnajur. Minor rivers include Akhum, Tavush and Khndzorut.

The summers are warm; the winters are soft. Tavush Mountain Range represents the northeastern branch of Tavush province of Armenia. The landscape of the mountain range is forested.

The fauna is very varied and interesting. There are red deer, wild boar, European roe deer in this area. There is also a brown bear, golden jackal, a forest cat, a rabbit, squirrel.

Bird species in Tavush region is also varied․ Common bird species 178 species, including forest type 67, mountain steppe birds 53, wetlands birds 31, synthroplasty type 17. There are 17 species registered in the Red Book. The bird world of Tavush region is mainly formed at the expense of forest and steppe species - 123 species.

In the trees you can see tits, common blackbirds, eastern rock nuthatch, common rosefinch, European robin there. Also you can meet some types of common firecrest, true owl, Eurasian eagle-owl, great spotted woodpecker.

In the Tavush region from wetland types you can see little and great crested grebe, mallard, Eurasian coot, Armenian gull, great egret, calidris minuta.

There you can also meet falcon, common buzzard, true thrush, common swift, from 3 to 6 types of swallows, short-toed snake eagle, bearded vulture, etc.

In the same area, from Red Book animals you can see greek tortoise, cinereous vulture, peregrine falcon, European tree frog, European pond turtle, edible dormouse, etc.

There is a specially protected area nearby, in 1985 it was Dilijan Reserve, and since 2002 the Dilijan National Park which territory is 28002 hectares.


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