08 Oct 2018

The residents are suffocated because of the burnt garbage

On 9th of September, 2018, Civil Voice NGO was informed on that it’s already a few days that the garbage of Jrvezh is burning and the residents of the near territory are suffocated because of it. According to the residents, the smoke is especially early in the morning and at night, when the light wind fires again.

So, Civil Voice NGO applied to the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of MNP of RA and to the Ministry of Territorial and Development of RA on the mentioned above issue.

Here you can find the official letters:

http://civilvoice.am/files/to Mr. A. Grigoryan.pdf

http://civilvoice.am/files/to Mr. S. Papikyan.pdf

http://civilvoice.am/files/ի պատ․ 48․09․2018 ընդերքի տեսչական մարմնից.jpeg

http://civilvoice.am/files/ի պատ․ 49․09-18 տարածքային նախ-ից.pdf 

04 Oct 2018

World Animal Day

Today, on 4th of October, an event on World Animal Day was held in the office of “Civil Voice” NGO. The representatives of “Pro Paws” NGO Nare Aramian, Karine Panosian, the representative of “Dingo Team” Ovsanna Hovsepyan, a veterinarian Grigor Grigoryan, the representative of Econews.am Mariam Tashchyan and others were participated in the meeting. During the meeting the members of Civil Voice NGO presented the works on animals protection which have been done by the organization. Then the project of “Apshanq eco park” was presented, after which was followed a discussion.

Taking into account the urgency of the animal protection issues in Armenia, legislative, veterinary, sanitary and other issues the environmentalists decided to set up a specialized structure which will give the opportunity to include the best independent experts in the field. The objective of the structure will be to solve all the mentioned above issues.

Unfortunately, the invited representatives of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA and of the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of MNP of RA were not present. 

25 Sep 2018

Climate change issues around the world

On 20th of September at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Armenia was held a meeting on COP-24 which must be held in Katowice on 3-4 December 2018. The experts, the representatives of embassies, public figures, as well as the expert of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan participated in the meeting.

Mr. Pavel Cieplak, Ambassador of Poland presented a small report on the impact of climate change.

24 Sep 2018

Round-table discussion

On 14th of September the Sustainable Development Centre of the Faculty of Geography and Geology organized a round-table discussion on Amulsar mine's exploitation risks. The experts of the Centre, the lecturers of the faculty, the students, the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency situations of RA, of the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of RA, the members of NGOs, as well as the experts of Civil Voice NGO were participated in the meeting.

The experts of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan, Shahen Khachatryan and Seyran Minasyan presented environmental issues that may emerge during mine exploitation.  

For the first time the experts of Civil Voice NGO presented preliminary results of some of the scientific research done over the past one and a half years. The results show that the claims of Lydian company are not scientifically grounded.

In practice, the research project conducted by Lydian to identify and assess potential impacts on the reservoirs is incomplete. The genealogical studies of the Amulsar zone and Jermuk mineral waters have been conducted with methodological shortcomings. The volume and quality of the received information in reality do not allow make the conclusions which have been presented by Lydian company.

“The arguments of the absence of the impact on Jermuk waters brought by Lydian are not reasonable”,- in his speech mentioned Seyran Minasyan, then added,-“it must be finally proved that there is no connection not only now, but also in future that is during the exploitation of the mine.”

During the discussion, the participants expressed their concern over the inadequate assessment of exploitation risks. 


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